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A Fresh Tart

Since 1980s / 40+ Years of Heritage

Signatures: Pineapple Tarts, Butter Tarts


A Fresh Tart

Since the 1980s, “Mama” started baking pineapple tarts for family, relatives and close friends. While it started off with the sole purpose to share good food with loved ones, friends and friends of friends started asking if they could order them during the festive Chinese New Year season. Over the years, It has gradually evolved into a yearly affair to share these mouth-watering pineapple pastries with the public. A Fresh Tart was inspired by a simple promise to deliver nothing but the best freshly baked melt-in-your-mouth tarts.

Ingredients, techniques and the intricate little details matters a great deal to us in the production of all their tarts. Their quality control process and sky-high quality standards gives them great pride and satisfaction in every tart that they bake and share with customers. This is why you will never find anything like A Fresh Tart, and hence they say if you're not a fan of tarts yet, you probably just haven't had A Fresh Tart.


From pineapple tarts to our latest addition - butter tarts, they continue to hand make all our tarts using Mama’s original recipe of over 30+ years, so as to preserve the tradition and continue the legacy to share more delectable, addictive & heavenly melt-in-the-mouth pastries with the world.

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