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Ah Eng's Orh Kueh

Since 1960s / 60+ Years of Heritage

Signatures: Orh Kueh (Yam Cake)


Ah Eng's Orh Kueh

Ah Eng's Orh Kueh has rich history for over 3 Generations, with the team continuing to use Grandma's Recipe since the 1960s. With traditional food slowly fading into the shadows, the team continues to bond over making homemade Traditional Yam Cake the way Ah Ma would have done it - using the freshest quality ingredients and the same techniques mastered over 6 decades ago. For years to come, they hope to preserve the authenticity and share the taste of traditional yam cake passed down by their grandmother. By having our orh kueh, they hope to elicit feelings of nostalgia and allow everyone relive the good-ole days.

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