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Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

Since 2004 / 18 Years of Heritage

Signatures: Soon Kueh, Peng Kueh, Ku Chye Kueh, Yam Kueh, Pumpkin Cake, Yam Cake, Glutinous Rice, Kaya, Achar


Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

Madam Tay Lee Tiong, affectionately known as Ah Yee by her customers, brings back her handmade Soon Kueh goodness to 124 Tembeling Road from 1 August 2017. From its humble beginnings at Dunman Hawker Center in 2004, Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh gained fame for its delicate flavor and consistent high quality. Using only premium-grade ingredients, every batch is prepared on the same day to ensure optimum freshness. By keeping to the traditional methods of kneading the dough by hand and making small batches daily, Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh firmly believes in preserving quality over quantity.


The final product: Delectable homemade Kuehs fit for families and friends. Available in limited batches daily from 8am till 5pm or till stocks sold out. Ah Yee’s story first began when she started making Soon Kueh at home as a hobby for family and friends. Over time, the number of requests grew in both quantity and also in variety. As her Kuehs were increasingly shared at offices, church congregations and celebrations, Ah Yee considered setting up a dedicated stall. With a passion for cooking and a perfectionist by nature, she discussed cooking tips with friends and earnestly experimented until she was satisfied with the final product. In October 2004, Ah Yee opened her modest stall at Dunman Hawker Center. By using quality ingredients and making each batch painstakingly by hand, she steadily won over the hearts of regulars living in the vicinity with her determination and resilience. Not long after, word began to spread about her delectable Soon Kueh. Ah Yee won several food awards and also was featured in various magazines, newspapers and popular TV food shows.


As her popularity grew, so did the long queues and Kuehs were often sold out at early hours. After 8 successful years, Ah Yee finally made the painful decision to retire and close the shop in April 2012 due to shortage of help and the demanding manual work involved. Since then, Ah Yee has not stopped receiving phone calls from loyal customers asking if there will be any more of her famous Soon Kueh. Every call pulled at her heartstrings as she reminisced about her beloved stall. In August 2017, with support and help from her family, Ah Yee returns with her new shop at 124 Tembeling Road and looks forward to sharing her passion once again.

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