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Chip Guan Heng

Since 1970 / 52 Years of Heritage

Signatures: Traditional Ice Cream, Rainbow Bread, Wafer Biscuits


Chip Guan Heng

Chip Guan Heng was founded by the late Goh Sing Yam. At the age of 8, alone, he came over from China on a cargo ship. With neither fortune nor a formal education, he started taking on odd jobs right away. Goh Sing Yam opened a provision shop in the 1960s. At the same time, he sold local brands of traditional ice cream to hawkers. The number of hawkers that bought supplies from the small provision shop gradually increased, until eventually, he approached Cold Storage to obtain a Magnolia ice cream distribution license. At the time, Magnolia was a sub-brand of Cold Storage.

Chip Guan Heng (集原興) was founded in 1970, born out of sheer grit and hard work over the years. For his brand new venture, Goh Sing Yam picked the words “Chip”, meaning gather, “Guan”, meaning resources, and “Heng”, meaning prosperity. The next step was to then get a delivery truck! It would go on countless journeys to distribute ice cream to supermarkets, provision shops, and the likes. Cold Storage eventually sold Magnolia to F&N, and that was how Chip Guan Heng became a primary local F&N distributor.


Business was booming, and they opened a brand new warehouse in 1980, located in Joo Chiat Place. Street hawkers would visit Chip Guan Heng every day to get their supplies for traditional ice cream. Seeing his father work relentlessly every day, Mr Goh Soo Khin felt a sense of duty as a son to help out. He joined his father at Chip Guan Heng and years later, took over the wholesale ice cream business. Mr Goh Soo Khin has been Chip Guan Heng’s owner ever since.


Today, they have yet another generation joining in the ranks, with Mr Goh Soo Khin’s son, Kenneth, set on continuing the legacy built by his forefathers. At Chip Guan Heng, Mr Goh Soo Khin and Kenneth are ever-ready with anything and everything to do with traditional ice cream.

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