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Personal Snacks & Gift Boxes
Snack Packs, Snack Gift Boxes & more.

Whether it's a Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Wedding or private event, welcome and thank your guests with intricate door gifts filled with Wonder and Intention (WAI). Impress your VIPs and guests with curated snacks and snack gift boxes for your private event.

Snacks 5 - CWT Meetings & Events - Custom Corporate Branded Packs - WAI_edited_edited.jpg

Customised Snack Packs

Impress your guests with stylised custom branded packs filled with snacks they love. Available in 50g / 100g / 200g packs. 

Baby Shower Snack Box - Snack Gift Boxes by WAI.jpg

Snack Gift Boxes

Express your gratitude to your guests and loved ones with a curated snack gift box themed for the occasion.

Event Door Gift Snack Box 3 - Event Door Gifts & Snack Gift Boxes by WAI.jpg

Door Gift Boxes

Welcome and thank your guests for celebrating your special day with intricate door gift boxes filled with treats they love.

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