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Where to buy Door Gifts and Wedding Favours in Singapore? | Top 5 Event Door Gifts & Wedding Favours

Updated: Apr 19

In Picture: Door Gift Snack Box

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Door gifts are the first impressions at every wedding, dinner and dance (D&D) and corporate event. Whether it's for a private or corporate event, door gifts that wow are your first step to celebrating and thanking your VIPs and guests for being a part of the special occasion. With the growing need for intentional door gifts and wedding favours, here is our list of Top 5 Event Door Gifts and Wedding Favours.

(1) Wedding Favours Snack Gift Box

In Picture: Wedding Favours Snack Gift Box

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Nothing gets more personal and heartwarming than an adorable gift box filled with treats you love. Celebrate your milestones alongside your loved ones with an intricate Wedding Favours Snack Gift Box. Each Wedding Favours Gift Box contains almond cookies and cashew nuts carefully packed in a kraft gift box with a personal thank you note on the box sticker. This is the go-to Wedding Favour Gift that everyone loves.

(2) Almond Cookies

In Picture: Almond Cookies

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Cookies are as classic as it gets. From almond, butter, cashew to chocolate chip cookies, there is a wide range of delicious cookies in flavours you love. Whether it's a wedding, dinner and dance, party or corporate event, these luscious almond cookies are a perfect intricate door gift for your guests.

(3) Popcorn

In Picture: Popcorn

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Everyone loves popcorn. There is no need to debate over sweet or salty when there's a perfect mix of both in an intricate pack. These golden bite sized treats complement a bright celebration for your occasion and event. Some say life is only complete with popcorn, so this might just be the door gift to complete your private or public event.

(4) Potato Wheel Crackers

In Picture: Potato Wheel Crackers

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These Potato Wheel Crackers are a savoury snack that can never go wrong. Bright, white and dreamy, this uniquely Singaporean old school snack is a mainstay and hot favourite amongst locals. This is the perfect choice for events going for an elegant vibe, with it adding an essential savoury touch to balance the typical sweets and desserts in every event.

(5) Door Gift Snack Box

In Picture: Door Gift Snack Box

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Gift gratitude and welcome your guests with an intricate Door Gift Snack Box. This beautifully curated snack gift box features cookies and nuts carefully packed and hugged in a rustic parcel kraft box. Loved for its look and feel, adored for the intention behind the details. If you're looking to welcome your VIPs and guests in style, this is the door gift for you.


Where to buy wedding favours and door gifts in Singapore?

We love gifts that wow, and more importantly send deeper meaningful messages that suit the occasion and event. Snacks make great gifts since they not only travel and keep well but are also well loved by many.

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