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Where to buy Racial Harmony Snacks in Singapore? | Top 10 Racial Harmony Snacks & Snack Gift Boxes

Celebrating Racial Harmony is perfect with a variety of snacks representing the different races of Singapore. From kacang puteh (mixed nuts), kueh bangkit, murukku, pineapple cookies to pretzels and more, celebrating harmony and unity this Racial Harmony is seamless with bountiful assortments of Racial Harmony Snacks and snack gift boxes. Here is our list of Top 10 Racial Harmony Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes.

(1) Iced Gem Biscuits

These colorful iced gem biscuits perfectly depict the beauty in variety. A classic that never gets old, iced gem biscuits are well loved by all generations. Celebrate Racial Harmony along with these adorable bite sized biscuits and take a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

(2) Kacang Puteh (Mixed Nuts)

It does not get more classic than this. Kacang Puteh is the go-to traditional snack perfect for parties and celebrations. Variety is indeed the spice of life. Well loved by all generations and full of variety, these mixed nuts transcend our differences and bring people together through simple delicious mix of flavours and textures.

(3) Kueh Bangkit

These traditional coconut cookies are a classic peranakan snack - also known as Kueh Bangkit. Crisp on the outside yet melts in your mouth, these fragrant powdery cookies are an essential addition to your Racial Harmony snack collection.

(4) Murukku

While simple, this classic crispy Indian snack is one of our personal favourites. As they say, some of the most memorable and best things in life are the simple things done well. With both an addictive spice and crunch, one will only leave you craving another. This Murukku is a must-have in your Racial Harmony celebration.

(5) Murukku Mix

A delicious variation of the classic Murukku, this Murukku Mix features crispy thin murukku mixed with peas. This is a classic alternate favourite loved by all generations for the perfect mix of crunch and flavours. Perfect for those looking for more variety of flavours and textures to celebrate harmony and unity.

(6) Pineapple Cookies

Celebrate the prosperity achieved through harmony with these pineapple cookies that hit the spot like no other. A hot favourite for all festive celebrations and occasions, these pineapple jam cookies are a classic for every home, pantry and festive celebration.

(7) Pretzel Crisps

Lightly salted with a delicate crisp texture. The perfect harmony of flavours and textures makes these crispy pretzels a delicious nostalgic bite. These beautiful Pretzel Crisps are a delicate addition to your Racial Harmony snack collection.

(8) Sweetheart Biscuits

All you need is love, or sweetheart biscuits. These intricate biscuits shaped in cute hearts are a perfect way to celebrate unity and togetherness. Comforting and heartwarming, these Sweetheart Biscuits give nostalgic vibes with every bite. A classic favourite that is liked by few, loved by many.

(9) Racial Harmony Snack Box

This Racial Harmony Snack Box celebrates the different cultures we have with snacks representing the different races in Singapore. From kueh bangkit, murukku to pineapple cookies and pretzel crisps, celebrate Racial Harmony with this medley of snacks hugged together in a kraft gift box that everyone will absolutely love. A classic choice for self-indulgence or a gift for someone else.

(10) Racial Harmony Premium Snack Box

Abundance in harmony. Celebrate Racial Harmony with an intentionally curated assortment of snacks that represent the different races. With a wide variety of shapes, flavours and textures, this Racial Harmony Premium Snack Box perfectly depicts unity, togetherness and love. Gift happiness, love and gratitude to your clients, employees, guests and loved ones this harmonious season with Wonder and Intention (WAI).


Where to buy Racial Harmony snacks in Singapore?

Celebrating unity and togetherness this Racial Harmony is complete with good food and great company. With delicious snacks representing different races, the myriad of flavours and textures are a great way to experience the melting pot of cultures in Singapore.

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