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Tong Shui Place

Since 2021 / 1 Year of Heritage

Signatures: Peach Gum Collagen Tong Shui, Osmanthus Pear Collagen Tong Shui, Lychee Coral Collagen Tong Shui, Red Bean Soup


Tong Shui Place

Born out of passion for preserving traditional foods, Tong Shui Place was started in 2021 amidst trying times upon understanding the waves and needs to care for our health. The very first core item that inspired the series of collagen desserts was the Peach Gum Tong Shui (i.e. Tao Jiao). Peach gum is rich in collagen - which is one of the most wanted components by far and it is commonly included in skincare and beauty commercials as a source of skin suppleness. With that, the team sought out to concoct and make available nutritious and nourishing traditional desserts.

The series of traditional chinese desserts were all carefully designed intentionally to have a perfect balance of sweetness, flavours and textures. From the use of peach gum, white fungus, coral seaweed, lily bulb, red dates, goji berries and a wide selection of different chinese herbs, the team at Tong Shui Place continues to seek ways to bring more refreshing bowls of traditional desserts that are as healthful as they are delicious.

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