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Xi De Li

Since 1920s / 100+ Years of Heritage

Signatures: You Tiao, Butterfly Bun, Salted Bun, Red Bean Bun


Xi De Li

Started by their great grandmother in the 1920s with a pushcart food stall along the street at Chin Swee Road, Xi De Li is one of the pioneer in the Youtiao and dough food industry with original and authentic century-old recipes. Back then in the 1960s, “Xi De Li” was known as “Jing Wen Tai You Tiao”. In 2006, business was hand over to 4th generation and renamed to “Xi De Li”.  This name was derived from the names of their father and the 4th generation. 


All Xi De Li products are authentic and 100% handmade. Every piece of youtiao is handmade from scratch with premium ingredients, no artificial food additives, no preservatives and no msg. They started franchising and supplying of products to restaurants and several Bak Kut Teh stalls. The 4th generation work on research on how to improve their recipe every now and then.

Today, they have 20 over stalls including franchises, and they do distribution of their pre-mixed products to overseas, with great pride in the quality and consistency of their dough products.

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