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Our Story

At WAI, we seek to bring Wonder and Intention (WAI) to gifting. The feeling and experience of receiving a gift is more than just what the gift is. That's why we always start with the message we wish to convey for the feeling or occasion in mind. From the intangible to the tangible, every gift is thoughtfully created for you, with you and by you.

Beyond the fleeting feeling of momentary happiness when receiving a gift, it's the thought that goes behind it that means much more. Yearning this experience and feeling of intention led us on a trip down memory lane to seek the most memorable gifts we've received - and inevitably discovering nostalgia. From biscuits, cookies to nuts and more, we reminisced the good old childhood memories through the uniquely local treats we grew up with.


The multi-sensory experience that food can evoke makes it a timeless gift to be savoured and remember - making it a great way to connect to the past, present and future. As we bring together a growing variety of snacks and gifts in one place, we realise that beyond the wonders of their look, taste and texture are the feelings and memories created through time that keeps us connected and alive. That led us on a mission to preserving these gems that encapsulate memories and recreating them as the perfect gift which presents an inexplicable feeling of magic.

To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. Beyond the wonders of elegant designs and a myriad of gift ideas, each and every gift is curated with first the message in mind. Whether it's a festive occasion or a personal feeling, every gift is thoughtfully created for you, with you and by you. For every feeling and occasion, we seek to bring Wonder and Intention to your gift for that special someone.

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