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Where to buy office pantry snacks in Singapore? | Top 5 Snacks for Corporate Office Pantry

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

In Picture: Office Pantry Snacks - Nostalgic Snack Box

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The perfect pantry has all the snacks we love. Motivate and treat your employees to the best with snacks they love. Looking for snacks for the corporate office pantry? Here is our list of Top 5 Snacks for your Office Pantry.

(1) Butter Cookies

In Picture: Butter Cookies

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No pantry is complete without cookies - especially butter cookies. The subtle buttery flavour makes these crisp butter cookies a nostalgic classic that everyone loves. Probably one of those snacks that will get wiped out the fastest. An absolutely essential snack and staple in every pantry. 

(2) Iced Gem Biscuits

In Picture: Iced Gem Biscuits

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These colorful iced gems are a uniquely Singapore local childhood snack. Well-loved for being cute bite-sized biscuits, every piece of these beautiful bites takes you on a trip down memory lane. Add some colors to your office pantry with this classic that everyone will absolutely adore.

(3) Potato Wheel Crackers

In Picture: Potato Wheel Crackers

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Crispy, crunchy and savoury, these Potato Wheel Crackers are a savoury snack that can never go wrong. If you are looking for a pantry that your employees will absolutely love, this uniquely Singaporean old school snack is a mainstay and hot local favourite. Add this to your list of must have snacks in the office pantry.

(4) Tapioca Chips

In Picture: Tapioca Chips

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Nothing hits the spot like coconut cookies. Kueh Bangkit is a classic snack that is crisp on the outside yet melts on the inside. This is the perfect choice for a comforting local snack that is as heartfelt and warm as it melts so good in your mouth. An unconventional and unique choice for corporate events that wish to add a local touch.

(5) Nostalgic Snack Boxes

In Picture: Office Pantry Snacks - Nostalgic Snack Box

Available at

Offering variety in the pantry is essential to add fun and life to the office. Featuring 8 classic local snacks like chilli prawn crackers, chicken spicy crackers, prawn sticks, roll crackers and tapioca sticks, this nostalgic snack box is the perfect starting point for the corporate office pantry. Let your employees indulge in variety and discover their favourites. With over 70 different snacks to choose from, there will are endless possibilities to try something new.


Where to buy snacks for the office pantry in Singapore?

We love intricate snacks that taste good and feel good. Caring for your employees and making the office feel like a second home starts from the pantry. With modern trends, refreshing brands and "cool" snack boxes, the wild flavours and hyped snacks are increasingly popularised - overshadowing classic snacks that we all grew up loving. While we absolutely love innovation and refreshing flavours, modernisation has sometimes lost its flair. With that, uniquely local snacks are really hard to find.

That's why we do what we do here at WAI. With a growing variety of over 70 snacks, we bridge the gap across generations, bringing both the old and new school together. With curated intricate snack gift boxes themed for every occasion, we pride ourselves very much in bringing Singapore's Best Snacks in one place. All the snack gift boxes and snacks you see above are available for islandwide snack delivery on WAI.

We also offer bulk packs and individual single serve snack packs for the corporate office pantry and bulk orders - catering to your corporate snack needs.

Snacks you love for the corporate office pantry. Available exclusively on WAI.

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