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Where to buy Valentine's Day Gifts in Singapore? | Top 5 Valentine's Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Gifting this Valentine's is complete with snacks and gifts full of love. From roses, flowers, hampers, toys and more, gifting ideas are a dime a dozen. With a wide assortment of snacks from iced gems, sweetheart biscuits, to classic favourites like popcorn and chocolate chip cookies, snacks and intricate snack gift boxes are a perfect intentional gift choice loved by many. Here is our list of Top 5 Valentine's Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes the ones you love this season of love and appreciation.

(1) Iced Gem Biscuits

This classic nostalgic childhood treat is loved for the beautiful colors it features. Well loved by all generations, familiar to many who grew up with this, these adorable treats are a great gift for your loved ones who add colors to your life.

(2) Butterfly Biscuits

Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, but these butterfly biscuits are the perfect gift for the ones who give you butterflies. Crispy with a unique taste like no other, these rarely found Butterfly Biscuits are a classic nostalgic snack that has lasted the test of time - and so may the love you have for one another.

(3) Thank You Snack Box

This season of love is also a season to remember to say your Thank You's. Whether it's a Thank You to your family, friends, colleagues, team members or valued clients and shareholders, this Thank You Snack Box is the perfect appreciation gift for the superstars in your life who always go the extra mile and have you in their thoughts. Gift appreciation to these precious people this season of love and gratitude with an assortment of nuts and snacks they will absolutely love. Beyond the snacks they will enjoy, it's the thought and intention that counts.

(4) I Love You Snack Box

An intentional selection of 4 snacks to express 3 words, this I Love You Snack Box is filled with all the rainbows and butterflies you feel. From sweetheart and snow biscuits, to iced gems and butterfly biscuits, gift gratitude and love to the ones you love as you reminisce the highs, the lows, the good and the bad in this journey of life together. This is the perfect gift for your family, friends and relatives.

(5) Nostalgic Snack Bouquet

Gift abundance and love to your loved one with an intricate snack bouquet. Featuring a assortment of 8 unique nostalgic snacks carefully wrapped and hugged in a bouquet, this bountiful bouquet is complemented with fresh seasonal baby breath flowers for a complete gift of elegance and love. If you're looking for the best Valentine's Gift idea, this might just be the one for you. Celebrate Valentine's Day with this luxurious Nostalgic Snack Bouquet for the ones you love.


Where to buy Valentine's gifts in Singapore?

With seasons and occasions come gifts themed for them. From roses, flowers, bouquets, hampers, to toys and more, there are a myriad of choices available in the market. It is no doubt that snacks are an increasingly popular choice with it being a practical gift loved everyone and anyone.

More than anything else, gifting means more than just the value of the gift itself. With so much creative gift ideas and choices available, the intention matters just as much - or if not, more. Hence, as you pick your gift for your loved one, never forget to first think of the purpose behind the gift, and curate one that comes from the heart. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find the perfect gift, just as you have found the one you love.

Gifting is more than just the gift itself. Above all else, the intention behind the great wonders is what truly matters. To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. With gifts for every feeling and occasion, we put the emotions into gifts like never before. Beyond the wonders, lies intention. With Wonder and Intention hand in hand, we recreate the magic we crave by always starting with WAI.

Gifts for every feeling and occasion. Available exclusively on WAI.

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Singapore's Best Snacks & Snack Gift Boxes

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