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Where to buy Chinese New Year Snacks in Singapore? | Top 10 CNY Goodies, Cookies & Snack Gift Boxes

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

In Picture: Chinese New Year Snack Box

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Celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) is only complete with cny goodies, snacks and snack gift boxes suited for this auspicious occasion. Classic Chinese New Year snacks like kueh bangkit, pineapple cookies, plaited sugar biscuits and chilli tapioca chips are mainstays that never get old. With them becoming harder to find, here is our list of Top 10 CNY Goodies, Cookies and Snack Gift Boxes we love, and where to buy these classic snacks in Singapore this Lunar New Year.

(1) Butter Cookies

In Picture: Butter Cookies

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No Chinese New Year celebration is complete without CNY cookies. These butter cookies are the essential must-have snack in your CNY collection. The comforting and familiar taste of home is what makes butter cookies a classic choice for every gathering and festive collection.

(2) Chilli Prawn Crackers

In Picture: Chilli Prawn Crackers

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This traditional cracker should be no stranger to every Singaporean or Asian. Crunchy, crisp and spicy, these red-hot chilli prawn crackers are an essential part of Kacang Puteh and almost always present at every auspicious ethnic celebration - bringing as much spice and luck we need in life.

(3) Corn Cone Spicy Crackers

In Picture: Corn Cone Spicy Crackers

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Spicy, crispy corn cones are a classic favourite snack at every CNY celebration. These Corn Cone Crackers are a hot favourite for the addictive spicy kick that complements the refreshing crunch and corn flavour. Add some spice to your Chinese New Year collection with these corn crackers.

(4) Kueh Bangkit

In Picture: Kueh Bangkit

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This festive favourite traditional snack, also known as Kueh Bangkit, is crisp on the outside yet melts in your mouth. They need no introduction, especially for those who know your CNY cookies. These fragrant powdery cookies are an essential snack for your Chinese New Year snack collection this festive celebration.

(5) Peanut Cookies

In Picture: Peanut Cookies

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Peanuts and cookies? Say no more, take my money. These crunchy Peanut Cookies are ridiculously addicted for the perfect mix of flavours and textures. A hot favourite amongst the nuts and cookie lovers, you have to absolutely grab a few packs of these for a complete Chinese New Year celebration.

(6) Pineapple Cookies

In Picture: Pineapple Cookies

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Nothing hits home like pineapple cookies. There is no authentic Chinese New Year without these all-time classic Pineapple Cookies. A hot favourite for all festive celebrations and occasions, these pineapple jam cookies are a classic for every home, pantry and festive gift. Pineapple, which is known as 'ong lai' in Hokkien dialect, translates directly to 'prosperity comes'. Hence, these auspicious pineapple cookies are an absolute must have to signify the welcoming of prosperity and good luck this CNY celebration.

(7) Plaited Sugar Biscuits

In Picture: Plaited Sugar Biscuits

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When was the last time you saw this? Plaited Sugar Biscuits are a near-forgotten old school snack rarely found anymore - sometimes also called string biscuits for the ribbon-like shape. Crispy, chunky and tightly knitted, these plaited sugar biscuits are the perfect choice this CNY to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

(8) Prawn Sticks

In Picture: Prawn Sticks

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Chinese New Year is not complete without classic prawn stick crackers. With a wide range of so many seafood snacks like fish crackers, lobster balls, prawn crackers and seafood crackers, it was hard for us to feature just one of them. But if it is one, then these Prawn Sticks are an absolute must-have. These crispy prawn crackers which are just so addictive we know you can't stop at one. This is the snack in every household that will always be finished before the end of the festive celebration.

(9) Tapioca Chilli Chips

In Picture: Tapioca Chilli Chips

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Are you really Asian if you can't eat spicy? These OG old school chilli tapioca chips are the classic snack we all ate growing up. If you love your spicy snacks, this one is the absolute must-have. There is nothing more nostalgic than these Tapioca Chilli Chips with a spicy kick and unique flavour like no other. Another essential snack for the Chinese New Year celebration.

(10) Chinese New Year Snack Box

In Picture: Chinese New Year Snack Box

Available at

The festive occasion requires a coherent theme which features classic Chinese New Year snacks we love. That's why we absolutely love this Chinese New Year Snack Box. Featuring 4 classic snacks suited for the occasion, with a beautifully designed sticker to showcase the auspicious festival of celebrating the lunar new year. From kueh bangkit, pineapple cookies, crackers to plaited sugar biscuits and tapioca chilli chips, celebrating and gifting this Lunar New Year is more seamless and apt than it ever was. Gift a Chinese New Year Snack Box to the ones you love.


Where to buy Chinese New Year (CNY) snacks and goodies in Singapore?

Joyous occasions and celebrations call for good food. Nothing beats good food with great company. More than anything else, Chinese New Year is known for the wealth of food and snack options for us to indulge in during the yearly affair. We love our cny goodies, cookies and snacks as much as you do. However, it is really hard to find such classic cookies and biscuits today, mostly because there are so many modern brands with snacks that are popularised with wild flavours. Hence, finding them at individual stores tend to be a whole hassle.

From google searching for old school mama shops all the way to heading down to industrial "ulu" places to check for availability and prices, it gets messy and frustrating especially since most of the suppliers today supply mostly in bulk.

That's why we do what we do here at WAI. With a growing variety of over 70 snacks, we pride ourselves very much in bringing Singapore's Best Snacks in one place. All the snacks you see above are available for islandwide snack delivery on WAI.

Gifting is more than just the gift itself. Above all else, the intention behind the great wonders is what truly matters. To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. With gifts for every feeling and occasion, we put the emotions into gifts like never before. Beyond the wonders, lies intention. With Wonder and Intention hand in hand, we recreate the magic we crave by always starting with WAI.

Snacks and snack gift boxes you love for every feeling and occasion. Available exclusively on WAI.

WAI (The WAI Company)

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Singapore's Best Snacks & Snack Gift Boxes

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