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Where to buy appreciation gifts in Singapore? | Top 5 Appreciation & Thank You Snack Gift Boxes

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

How do you say, "Thank You?". Gifting gratitude and appreciation is oftentimes the hardest yet most important thing to do. Expressing and saying your Thank You's to the ones you value can take in the form of physical gifts like flowers, gift cards to even just words of appreciation. Sometimes snacks and snack gift boxes make a great intentional gift choice when accompanied with a handwritten note from the heart. Here is our list of Top 5 Appreciation & Thank You Snack Gift Boxes.

(1) Thank You Snack Box

Whether it's a Thank You to your family, friends, colleagues or clients, this Thank You Snack Box is the perfect appreciation gift for the superstars in your life who always go the extra mile and have you in their thoughts. Gift appreciation to these precious people this season of love and gratitude with an assortment of nuts and snacks they will absolutely love. Beyond the snacks they will enjoy, it's the thought and intention that counts.

(2) Thank You Mum Snack Box

As the common folk saying goes, "every day is Mother's Day". You don't need to wait for the occasion to gift a Mother's Day gift. Nothing can beat the sacrifice and unconditional love we receive from the ones who gave us life. From chocolate chip cookies, wafers to butterfly biscuits and popcorn, send love to your Mum with this intricate snack box filled with nostalgic treats she will absolutely love. Gift intentionally from the heart and add a personal handwritten note expressing your appreciation for her - it's always the thought that counts.

(3) Thank You Dad Snack Box

While most remember the one who gave us life, few recognise the sacrifice of the unsung heroes in our life. Gift thanks and love to the one who quietly makes magic happen in the background. While his words are few, his actions are many. Everything he do, it's always for you. Send love to your Dad with this intricate Thank You Dad Snack Box filled with classic snacks he will absolutely love.

(4) Surprise Snack Box

Sometimes all you need is a refreshing gift that adds spice to life. This intricate Surprise Snack Box shrouded in mystery is the perfect surprise gift box for the adventurous. Featuring 12 random snack packs ranging from biscuits, cookies, crackers, chips to nuts, seeds and more, this delightful surprise full of snacks are a great gift for your loved ones who add colors to your life.

(5) Custom Snack Gift Box

If you know exactly what that someone loves, this custom snack gift box is the one for you. Curate, handpick and assemble the perfect gift box for that special someone, and send a personal gift box filled with their favourites. Go the extra mile and gift deep appreciation to the ones you appreciate with a customised snack gift box.


Where to buy appreciation gifts in Singapore?

"Thank You" can be one of the hardest things to say. Yet expressing our gratitude for the people around us is one of the most important things to do. From physical gifts like flowers, gift cards to even just words of appreciation, expressing and saying your Thank You's to the ones you value can take in the form of many ways. With gifting ideas are a dime a dozen, sometimes snacks make a great gift alongside a handwritten note from the heart.

More than anything else, gifting mean more than just the value of the gift itself. With so much creative gift ideas and choices available, the intention matters just as much - or if not, more. Hence, as you pick your gift for your loved one, never forget to first think of the purpose behind the gift, and curate one that comes from the heart. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find the perfect gift, just as you have found the one you love.

We also offer customisations for corporate appreciation gift boxes, for those looking for something much more specific to your corporate gifting needs.

Gifting is more than just the gift itself. Above all else, the intention behind the great wonders is what truly matters. To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. With gifts for every feeling and occasion, we put the emotions into gifts like never before. Beyond the wonders, lies intention. With Wonder and Intention hand in hand, we recreate the magic we crave by always starting with WAI.

Gifts for every feeling and occasion. Available exclusively on WAI.

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