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Where to buy Baby Shower Gifts in Singapore? | Baby Shower Snacks & Snack Gift Boxes

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Celebrating your Baby's Full Month or 100 Days milestones is a magical event filled with joy and love. What do you put in a Baby Shower Gift Box? Red eggs, ang ku kuehs, cakes and assorted kuehs are some of the essentials in the Man Yue Gift Set. Beyond the traditional classics, snack gift boxes that feature old school snacks are also a growing alternative for a modern touch to gifting on your special day.

There are so many options out there offering cakes, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, muffins and more snacks you might just be confused what exactly you need for a "perfect" celebration. Here are 6 classic options for your intricate traditional Baby Shower Gift Set:

(1) Ang Ku Kueh or Ang Ee

In Picture: Ang Ku Kueh (left) and Ang Ee (right)

When a baby turns a month old, traditional treats are typically given away to friends, family and relatives to celebrate this special occasion. Ang Ku Kueh is one of them. This tortoise shell shape kueh is used to symbolise a baby girl, while Ang Ee is pointed shaped to symbolise a baby boy. Why this? Well, Ang Ku Kueh (i.e. the tortoise kueh translated loosely) generally symbolises longevity as turtles live long lives. And yes, they both taste the same, just look different.

(2) Red Eggs

In Picture: Red Eggs

Yes, you read that right, red eggs. The meaning behind the color red for your eggs in the baby shower set is that the colour red is associated with prosperity and good fortune to the Chinese. Similar to Western easter eggs, in Chinese culture eggs symbolize birth or a new start; thus, it is of paramount importance for eggs to be served to guests during an important birthday (such as the first month or first year). Eggs also represent fertility and the round shape symbolises harmony, unity and new life. PS: these are hard-boiled eggs

(3) Glutinous Rice

In Picture: Glutinous Rice

The glutinous rice in your traditional baby full month set represents abundant wealth.

(4) Assortment of Kuehs (Optional)

In Picture: Traditional Baby Shower Gift Box by WAI

These aren't essentials, but good to haves. If you take a quick google search on Man Yue / Baby Full Month packages or gift boxes, there is a huge selection of different options from macarons, cupcakes, cakes and more. But the direction commonly chosen is to opt for an assortment of kuehs and traditional treats like yam cake (i.e. orh kueh), old school fresh cream cakes, kueh lapis, bingka ubi, kueh salat, steamed kueh lapis (i.e. jiu ceng gao). There are so many possibilities, the most important of all is that you find what works for you, based on your budget and preferences.

(5) Custom Baby Shower Snack Box

This intricate Baby Shower Snack Box features childhood snacks of your choice. From chocolate teddy biscuits, iced gem biscuits, gold fish biscuits and popcorn, there is a range of over 100+ snacks to choose from to customise your baby shower snack box. Snack gift boxes are a popular rising alternative to traditional baby shower gift boxes as snacks keep and travel well. While traditional kueh platters and treats have rich meaning and history, the intention is what truly matters. That's why we do what we do here at WAI, bringing Wonder and Intention to gifts again. Celebrating your baby's milestones has not been more nostalgic with this snack box full of nostalgic snacks that everyone love.

(6) Custom Baby Shower Snack Packs

Celebrate milestones and gift gratitude with Customised Baby Shower Snack Packs featuring a personalised message and theme printed on the pack label. From nostalgic childhood snacks to healthier treats like nuts and dried fruits, these customised snack packs are the perfect personalised baby shower favours for your guests.


The Story behind the Baby Full Month Celebration

Have you ever wondered why a person’s ‘Chinese age’ seems to be their real age plus one year? That’s because the Chinese have traditionally regarded the completion of the full 30 days as baby’s first birthday. So by the time the child reaches a year old, he or she would be two!

In traditional Chinese customs, a celebration is held when a baby turns one month old, to celebrate the first full month of life, the health of the baby and to mark the end of the confinement month for the mother. This celebration is known as the Full Moon (Man Yue) Celebration. It is a formal way to introduce the baby to the extended family and friends.

The origin of this custom came from ancient Chinese as infant mortality rates were higher. When newborn reaches full month in good health, this is a milestone worth celebrating. This also marks the beginning of the child’s life. This baby full month package is given to symbolise good fortune, blessing, long life for the child and longevity for the elderly.

Traditionally, on this day, the baby’s hair is shaved and the mother bathes, for the first time after giving birth, with ginger water - although that rarely happens anymore. Relatives and friends gather to give blessing to the baby. Gifts are given to the baby in the form of gold jewellery or “ang pow” (a red packet containing money).


Where to buy Baby Shower Gift Boxes in Singapore?

Joyous occasions and celebrations call for good food and gifts. Expressing your gratitude for people who blessed you has never been easier with the plethora of options available today. While traditional kuehs and treats are common traditional options for baby shower gift boxes, desserts, snacks and snack gift boxes have been a popular rising alternative to traditional baby shower gift boxes as snacks keep and travel well.

That's why we do what we do here at WAI. With a growing variety of over 100 snacks, we pride ourselves very much in bringing Singapore's Best Snacks in one place. The custom baby shower snack packs and baby shower snack gift boxes are available for islandwide baby shower gifts delivery on WAI.

We know that sometimes, you might already have something in mind for your ideal baby shower gifts. Reach out to us here and let us know how we may help, and we'll be happy to advise you.

Wishing you and your family an amazing celebration! Most importantly, may the richest blessings be upon you and flow through you to the lives of everyone you meet! <3

Gifting is more than just the gift itself. Above all else, the intention behind the great wonders is what truly matters. To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. With gifts for every feeling and occasion, we put the emotions into gifts like never before. Beyond the wonders, lies intention. With Wonder and Intention hand in hand, we recreate the magic we crave by always starting with WAI.

Snacks and snack gift boxes you love for every occasion. Available exclusively on WAI.

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