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Where to buy dried fruits in Singapore? | Top 9 Healthy Dried Fruit Snacks & Gift Boxes

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Dried fruits are the perfect natural snack choice if you are looking for healthy and nutritious snacks that taste good, feel good and are good for you. From apricots, cranberries, figs, guava, mangoes, prunes to raisins and more, here is our list of Top 9 Healthy Dried Fruit Snacks and Gift Boxes.

(1) Dried Apricots

These sweet and tangy apricots are a great choice for those with a sweet tooth looking who don't wish to over-indulge. Have a few pieces of this chewy snack that's nutrient rich and good for your digestive health.

(2) Dried Cranberries

These naturally sweet, dried cranberries are loaded with antioxidants, fibers and essential vitamins and minerals. If you love the depth of flavour with a sweet and sour touch, this may just be your perfect on-the-go snack.

(3) Dried Figs

If you're looking for an exotic flavour, these nutty chewy dried figs might just be up your alley. An exquisite taste profile accompanies this superfood that is one-of-a-kind. Definitely an acquired taste.

(4) Dried Guava

If you love a refreshing fruity taste, these dried guavas could just be the essential add-on to your healthy snack collection. The natural sweetness from these dried guava slices makes it simply delectable and delightful.

(5) Dried Mango

Transport your taste buds to paradise with these absolutely delicious tropical dried mango slices. If nothing else satiates those cravings, these dried mango slices will probably be the one to make you fall in love with fruits again.

(6) Dried Prunes Pitted

Authentically sweet and tangy, these dried pitted prunes are a distinctive with a depth of flavour which is one of a kind. Often used in baking cakes, energise and nourish your mind, body and soul with these nutritious prunes.

(7) Dried Raisins Golden

These Golden Jumbo Dried Raisins are soft, plump and juicy. Rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals like the other dried fruits, these delicate golden raisins are a great snack on its own or to pair with your recipes. We love how intricate these healthy sweet treats are, and they might just be the snack to replace your candies and sweets.

(8) Dried Raisins Green

If you prefer something chewier and more distinct in flavour, these dried green raisins may be your snack choice. Sweet and tangy as raisins should be, they make for a great snack on their own or complement to your recipes.

(9) Dried Fruits Variety Snack Box

Fall in love with fruits again with an exquisite assortment of naturally sweet and nutritious dried fruits. This curated Dried Fruits Variety Snack Box features healthy and delicious dried fruits such as apricots, guavas mangoes and golden raisins carefully packed and hugged in a rustic parcel kraft box. Whether it's for a personal indulgence or a gift, this Box of 4 Dried Fruits are a great healthful choice for any occasion.


Where to buy dried fruits in Singapore?

We love snacks as much as you do. As the healthy eating, living and intentional health choices begin to pick up, we realise the importance of seeking for healthful alternatives to complement our sinful snacking pleasures. That's why we brought in these growing varieties of dried fruits, granolas, nuts, seeds and more snacks for a wholesome snacking experience. If you're looking for dried fruits, feel free to browse the full range of dried fruits we offer on WAI.

While we offer a growing variety of over 100+ snacks and snack gift boxes, from biscuits, cookies, crackers, dried fruits, granolas, nuts, seeds and more snacks you love, we curate snack gift boxes for every feeling and occasion. Shop Singapore's Best Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes on WAI.

More often than not, food and snacks are not just a great personal indulgence but also make a practical and thoughtful gift to connect with the people that matter in our life. Gifting the gift of health and abundance is now more apt and seamless with snack boxes that taste good, feel good and are good for the body, mind and soul. As with all things in life, balance is key.

We also offer customisations for corporate snacks and gift boxes, for those looking for something much more specific to your corporate gifting needs.

Gifting is more than just the gift itself. Above all else, the intention behind the great wonders is what truly matters. To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. With gifts for every feeling and occasion, we put the emotions into gifts like never before. Beyond the wonders, lies intention. With Wonder and Intention hand in hand, we recreate the magic we crave by always starting with WAI.

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