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Where to buy Birthday Gifts in Singapore? | Top 10 Birthday Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes

Updated: May 12, 2023

Birthdays are a magical celebration of life and one's milestones. It's a great moment to express love and appreciation for the people in your life. From balloons, cakes to flowers and more, there is a plethora of Birthday Gift ideas. With a wide assortment of snacks like iced gems, butterfly biscuits and chocolate chip cookies, snacks and snack gift boxes are a perfect intentional gift choice for the people who matter. Here is our list of Top 10 Birthday Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes.

(1) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are a versatile and popular treat for birthday celebrations. Whether it's a small gift for the cookie lover or a platter for all to indulge in a light bite, these rich and crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies are a classic choice. Can we ever have enough chocolate in life?

(2) Iced Gem Biscuits

This beautiful childhood gem biscuits are a popular choice due its colorful appearance and nostalgic vibes. Well loved by all generations, Iced Gem Biscuits are a great gift choice to add colors to the celebration of life.

(3) Popcorn

Is a celebration really a celebration without popcorn? You just can't go wrong with these movie companions. These delicious golden sweet and savoury popcorns are loved and approved by thousands of happy customers. Light, crispy and simply beautiful, these popcorns brighten the mood and add life to your gift for that special someone.

(4) Potato Wheel Crackers

The classic local snack that is a mainstay and hot favourite amongst locals. These Potato Wheel Crackers are bright, white, dreamy and uniquely Singaporean. Add this to cart for an essential savoury touch to your gift for that special someone or a treat for guests at your party and events.

(5) Prawn Sticks

This is the one for the prawn and seafood lovers. These crispy Prawn Sticks are a hot favourite and probably the only six pack prawn-lovers need in their life. The perfect party finger food, and also likely the best birthday gift for that one person who just loves prawn.

(6) Birthday Snack Box

Gift a gift of joy and love with this elegant gift box featuring an intricate selection of 4 nostalgic snacks we grew up with. From chocolate chip cookies, chocolate teddy bear biscuits to iced gem biscuits and potato wheel crackers, this Birthday Snack Box is the go-to birthday gift to wish your family or friends a Happy Birthday.

(7) Birthday Premium Snack Box

Gift a bountiful Happy Birthday with an intricate Birthday Premium Snack Box. From pineapple cookies, popcorn, snow biscuits to tapioca chips, this luxurious assortment of 8 classic snacks is an excellent gift choice filled with variety. Gift joy, love and abundant blessings to the people who matter with this elegant snack gift box.

(8) Surprise Snack Box

Gift a bountiful surprise to the adventurous ones with a Surprise Snack Box. From biscuits, cookies, crackers, chips to nuts, seeds and more, this box of 12 random snacks will be nothing short of a delightful surprise full of snacks that they will love.

(9) Custom Snack Gift Box

If you know what that birthday boy or girl absolutely loves, this is for you. Customise a selection of 4 or 8 snacks and gift an intentional gift box filled with snacks that special someone loves. Nothing beats a heartfelt gift filled with intention and effort to show you care.

(10) Nostalgic Snack Bouquet

Gift elegance, abundance and love to that special someone with an intricate snack bouquet. Featuring an assortment of 8 unique nostalgic snacks carefully wrapped and hugged in a bouquet, this bountiful bouquet is complemented with fresh seasonal baby breath flowers for a complete celebratory gift. If you're looking for the best Birthday Day Gift idea that sparkles joy and love, this might just be the one for you. Celebrate life with this luxurious Nostalgic Snack Bouquet for your loved one.


Where to buy Birthday Gifts in Singapore?

Celebrating the milestones of your clients, partners, family and friends are a crucial part of cultivating our relationships. Birthdays are a magical celebration of life and one's milestones as they grow older and wiser. It is especially all the more important to cherish the now as we all come to realise how long yet short lives we live.

With seasons and occasions come gifts themed for them. From roses, flowers, bouquets to hampers and more, there are a myriad of choices available in the market. Whether it's a delightful surprise or a platter of snacks to share with your guests, snack gifts are an increasingly popular choice and great way to connect and bond with your people. As they say, nothing beats good food with great company.

More than anything else, gifting means more than just the value of the gift itself. With so much creative gift ideas and choices available, the intention matters just as much - or if not, more. Hence, as you pick your gift for that special one, never forget to first think of the purpose behind the gift, and curate one that comes from the heart. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find the perfect gift.

Gifting is more than just the gift itself. Above all else, the intention behind the great wonders is what truly matters. To send a feeling and gift an experience, is why we do what we do. With gifts for every feeling and occasion, we seek to encapsulate emotions into gifts like never before. Beyond the wonders, lies intention. With Wonder and Intention hand in hand, we recreate the magic we crave by always starting with WAI.

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Singapore's Best Snacks & Snack Gift Boxes

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