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Where to buy old school childhood snacks in Singapore? | 16 Nostalgic Old School Snacks and Biscuits

Updated: Jun 26

Old School Childhood Snacks that we grew up loving are some of the most iconic parts of our childhood growing up in Singapore. From iced gem biscuits to pineapple cookies and potato wheel crackers, nothing beats the familiar, nostalgic taste of old school snacks that we grew up eating and loving. With them becoming increasingly harder to find, here is our list of 16 Nostalgic Old School Snacks and Biscuits - where to buy these traditional snacks in Singapore.

(1) Baby Ball Biscuits

Cute little ball biscuits that melt in your mouth. If you don't love this, we can't be friends. This traditional snack that's oddly cute shaped like mini balls is known as the Baby Ball biscuit. Looks cute, tastes good, melts in your mouth so good it feels like therapy.

(2) Butterfly Biscuits

Butterfly ear, elephant ear or pig ear biscuits. Call it whatever you want, but these biscuits are an absolute classic and rare find today with so many new modern snacks overshadowing classic old school snacks like this one. This one is for the old schoolers.

(3) Chicken Spicy Crackers

This mamee noodle like snack, has redefined addiction for me. I just can't stop eating this one. Shaped like noodles and crispy as it should be, these Chicken Spicy Crackers have a satisfying crunch and a mild spicy kick that leaves you craving more. If you love your mamee noodle snacks, you will love this.

(4) Chilli Prawn Crackers

This traditional snack should be no stranger to the average Singaporean or Asian. Crunchy, crispy and spicy, these chilli prawn crackers are an essential part of Kacang Puteh and present at almost every party ethnic celebration - bringing as much spice as we need in life. 

(5) Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can never have enough chocolate in life. These Chocolate Chip Cookies are the all time favourite rich, chocolatey cookies that we grew up loving. It doesn't get more classic than this. The essential cookie choice for every home, pantry and festive gift.

(6) Chocolate Teddy Bear Biscuits

You can never have enough of chocolate and teddy bears. These cute Chocolate Teddy Bear Biscuits are the perfect combination of "Life's Favourite Things", and well loved for their nostalgic taste and bite-sized teddy bear shapes. The perfect snack for the child in all of us.

(7) Corn Cone Spicy Crackers

There is no way you can hate this crispy old school snack. These Corn Cone Crackers are a hot favourite for its addictive spicy kick that complements the refreshing crunch and corn flavour. This is how I hit my daily intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

PS: Did you know that corn is actually a vegetable, whole grain and a fruit?

(8) Iced Gem Biscuits

This pretty traditional snack that's beautifully colored is known as the Iced Gem Biscuit. Well loved by all generations, it's familiar to many who would probably grew up with this. As a kid, I personally love to eat the "iced gem" and the biscuit separately. Are you "team together" or "team separate"?

(9) Kacang Puteh Mixed Nuts

Kacang Puteh is a nostalgic classic party snack present at all celebrations. A staple in all households, this mix of nuts, peas and crackers you love is an essential go-to choice for a wholesome snack collection.

(10) Murukku

This crispy traditional snack, also known as Murukku, is a classic favourite for its addictive spice and crunch that leaves you only craving more. It's an essential at almost every festive occasion, and I absolutely love my murukku. It sometimes comes mixed with peas and nuts. Are you "team mixed" or "team original"?

(11) Potato Sticks

Everyone has been through that phase of childhood absolutely loving this and having it after school. Potato Sticks are a nostalgic childhood favourite biscuit we grew up having as an after-school snack. Just this photo brings back memories of my school bell.

(12) Potato Wheel Crackers

This old school snack that's shaped like wheels is known as the Potato Wheel Cracker. It is so addictive that we bet you can't just stop at one. Probably Number 1 on my personal list, where does it rank on yours?

(13) Prawn Sticks

Prawn crackers are a mainstay we just can't seem to get enough of. Loved by all ages, these Prawn Sticks are a hot favourite especially since as Asians, we just absolutely love prawn and seafood. This is probably the six pack I need in my life.

(14) Roll Crackers

A rare find that's almost "extinct". Roll crackers are a crispy traditional snack that have beautiful swirls. This absolutely crunchy cracker has a unique indescribable flavour that you can't find elsewhere. I guess you will just have to try to find out.

(15) Seafood Crackers

Another one for the seafood lovers. This crispy traditional snack, also known as Seafood Crackers hits different. It comes in a unique wavy shape and has a nostalgic spice and flavour like no other. An acquired taste?

(16) Tapioca Chips

For the love of tapioca. This crisp traditional snack that we call the "OG" of chips is also known as tapioca chips. If you love tapioca and chips, you're definitely going to fall in love at first crunch. There are also tapioca curry chips, which are something we absolutely love. What a perfect way to end this list.


Where to buy old school snacks in Singapore?

We love our childhood snacks as much as you do. However, it is becoming increasingly hard to find old school snacks today. With so many modern brands and options available in the market, these traditional snacks are slowly fading away as they become less popular than before.

That's why we do what we do here at WAI. With a growing variety of over 100+ dried fruits, nuts and snacks, we pride ourselves very much in bridging the gap between the past, present and future with new and old school snacks in one place. All the traditional snacks you see above are available for islandwide snack delivery on WAI.

We also offer customisations for corporate snacks and gift boxes, for those looking for something much more specific for your office pantry or corporate gifting needs.

Snacks and snack gift boxes for every feeling and occasion. Available exclusively on WAI.

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