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Where to buy old school childhood snacks in Singapore? | 15 Nostalgic Old School Snacks and Biscuits

Updated: Apr 18

In Picture: Nostalgic Snack Box

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Nothing beats the familiar, nostalgic taste of old school snacks that we grew up eating and loving during our childhood. With them becoming even harder to find, here is our list of 15 best traditional old school snacks we love, and where to buy these nostalgic childhood snacks in Singapore.

(1) Iced Gem Biscuits

In Picture: Iced Gem Biscuits

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This pretty traditional snack that's beautifully colored is known as the Iced Gem Biscuit. Well loved by all generations, it's familiar to many who would probably grew up with this. As a kid, I personally love to eat the "iced gem" and the biscuit separately. Are you "team together" or "team separate"?

(2) Potato Wheel Crackers

In Picture: Potato Wheel Crackers

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This old school snack that's shaped like wheels is known as the Potato Wheel Cracker. It is so addictive that we bet you can't just stop at one. Probably Number 1 on my personal list, where does it rank on yours?

(3) Baby Ball Biscuits

In Picture: Baby Ball Biscuits

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Cute little ball biscuits that melt in your mouth. If you have don't love this, we can't be friends. This traditional snack that's oddly cute shaped like mini balls is known as the Baby Ball biscuit. Looks cute, tastes good, melts in your mouth so good it feels like therapy.

(4) Chicken Spicy Crackers

In Picture: Chicken Spicy Crackers

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This mamee noodle like snack, has redefined addiction for me. I just can't stop eating this one. Shaped like noodles and crispy as it should be, these Chicken Spicy Crackers have a satisfying crunch and a mild spicy kick that leaves you craving more. If you love your mamee noodle snacks, you will love this.

(5) Chilli Prawn Crackers

In Picture: Chilli Prawn Crackers

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This traditional snack should be no stranger to the average Singaporean or Asian. Crunchy, crisp and spicy, these chilli prawn crackers are an essential part of Kacang Puteh and almost always present at every ethnic celebration - bringing as much spice as we need in life. 

(6) Chocolate Cream Biscuits

In Picture: Chocolate Cream Biscuits

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If you hate chocolate, I don't think we can be friends. This one is for all the chocolate lovers, those who would never start a day without a cup of Milo and only drink chocolate milk. is well loved by all simply because it's chocolate. These chocolate cream biscuits are a classic favourite for obvious reasons. So unless you hate chocolate, this will probably be up your alley.

(7) Chocolate Wafer Bar

In Picture: Chocolate Wafer Bar

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Yes, I love chocolate that much. These chocolate wafer bars are in a different league from chocolate biscuits. The chocolate oozes out of these crisp wafers and are absolutely addictive. Chocolate and wafers are a heavenly combo, the perfect balance of texture and flavour makes one that you just can't have enough of.

(8) Corn Cone Spicy Crackers

In Picture: Corn Cone Spicy Crackers

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There is no way you can hate this crispy old school snack. These Corn Cone Crackers are a hot favourite for its addictive spicy kick that complements the refreshing crunch and corn flavour. This is how I hit my daily intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

PS: Did you know that corn is actually a vegetable, whole grain and a fruit?

(9) Murukku

In Picture: Murukku

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This crispy traditional snack, also known as Murukku, is a classic favourite for its addictive spice and crunch that leaves you only craving more. It's an essential at almost every festive occasion, and I absolutely love my murukku. It sometimes comes mixed with peas and nuts. Are you "team mixed" or "team original"?

(10) Peanut Sandwich Biscuits

In Picture: Peanut Sandwich Biscuits

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This traditional snack is probably one of the all time favourites. Rich and fragrance peanut butter cream sandwiched between crispy crackers? Take my money. I can't get enough of these.

(11) Butterfly Biscuits