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Where to buy Deepavali Snacks in Singapore? | Top 7 Diwali Snacks & Snack Gift Boxes

Updated: Apr 18

In Picture: Deepavali Snack Box

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Celebrating the Festival of Lights is only complete with Deepavali snacks and snack gift boxes suited for the occasion. Classic Indian snacks like murukku and chilli prawn crackers are mainstays that never get old. With them becoming harder to find, here is our list of Top 7 Deepavali Snacks and Snack Gift Boxes we love, and where to buy these classic Indian snacks in Singapore this Diwali.

(1) Chilli Prawn Crackers

In Picture: Chilli Prawn Crackers

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This traditional snack should be no stranger to the average Singaporean or Asian. Crunchy, crisp and spicy, these chilli prawn crackers are an essential part of Kacang Puteh and almost always present at every ethnic celebration - bringing as much spice as we need in life. 

(2) Chicken Spicy Crackers

In Picture: Chicken Spicy Crackers

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This mamee noodle like snack, has redefined addiction for me. I just can't stop eating this one. Shaped like noodles and crispy as it should be, these Chicken Spicy Crackers have a satisfying crunch and a mild spicy kick that leaves you craving more. If you love your mamee noodle snacks, you will love this.

(3) Murukku

In Picture: Murukku

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This crispy traditional snack, also known as Murukku, is a classic favourite for its addictive spice and crunch that leaves you only craving more. It's an essential at almost every festive occasion, and I absolutely love my murukku. It sometimes comes mixed with peas and nuts. Are you "team mixed" or "team original"?

(4) Murukku Mix

In Picture: Murukku Mix

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This mixed version of the murukku snack comprises an added mix of peas and sometimes peanuts to give a more wholesome flavour. Some prefer this to the original murukku. Are you "team mixed" or "team original"?

(5) Murukku Spiral

In Picture: Murukku Spiral

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What goes around comes around, and this is true for Murukku. If you're looking for something classic, this is the Murukku snack for you. These beautiful spiral crisps are too pretty to eat, I have left them aside just to decorate my personal pantry. Could this be the one for you?

(6) Vegetable Chilli Crackers

In Picture: Vegetable Chilli Crackers

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Spice is something we all need and love in life. These vegetable crackers are a nostalgic classic snack we absolutely love. While available in the original flavour, we would be doing our Asian roots injustice if we don't love this more than the original version. Definitely saved the best for the last on this one.

(7) Deepavali Snack Box

In Picture: Deepavali Snack Box

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The festive occasion requires a coherent theme which features classic snacks we love. That's why we absolutely love this Deepavali Snack Box. Featuring 4 classic snacks suited for the occasion, with a beautifully designed sticker to showcase the joyful festival of lights and some well wishes. From murukku to chilli prawn crackers and vegetable chilli crackers, celebration and gifting this Diwali is more seamless and apt than it ever was. Gift a Deepavali Snack Box to the ones you love.


Where to buy Deepavali Snacks in Singapore?

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